Monday, March 30, 2009

Buy Wholesale Jewelry, But How

Buying wholesale jewelry is just a matter of finding real legitimate wholesale suppliers. Using the Internet and other sources that have access to a large number of wholesale jewelry business that you can buy jewelry from at very competitive prices.

There is a difference between online jewelry companies and online merchants. Stores selling jewelry online jewelry at retail prices, although the price may be a little off. But in many cases the term "couple" can be used by discount retailers.

Buying wholesale jewelry online

When you buy wholesale jewelry online you must be aware of some of the factors that will help you identify legitimate providers. Wholesale companies sell jewelry truly wholesale prices. This means two things. First, as a wholesale company that would probably be interested in selling, either in bulk or with minimal orders. Secondly, real wholesale suppliers requesting a tax identification number or permit number of the distributor. This is to verify that you are a legitimate business. Using the two tips that you can identify whether a company is a wholesaler or retailer discount!

In the case of an online wholesale company, you have to do several things. First, you want to be sure that you are buying the real thing. There are many companies out there that advertise that their jewelry is authentic. Read the sales copy very carefully, and educate yourself quickly. For example, beware of words like 'gold' or 'realistic'. This is an indication that the jewelry is not gold, stones, or they are false.

Many websites offer wholesale directories and vary in quality. I tend to use free sources first, it would be normal, right? For example, if you are looking for an engagement ring at a wholesale price just go to Google or Yahoo and type of engagement ring 'wholesale only' in the search box. The idea here is to type in different keywords such as "distributor" or "manufacturer", and combine them to get different results.

Keep in mind that some wholesalers will only sell in bulk, then you need to decide exactly what you want to buy before committing their money in commodities. Also find out if the company has a refund or exchange policy as well as a 100% money back guarantee. This is important, and will be protected if you find that you are not happy with the parts you have bought, or are of lower quality than you expect.

Also consider using eBay to find jewelry at wholesale prices. Again, be careful. Check the seller's feedback and ratings and make sure it is a reputable person or company. If the jewelry is an important piece, use the escrow service that eBay recommends - even if they have to pay the escrow fees yourself!

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